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 The Billion Dollar Princess Stephanie McMahon

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PostSubject: The Billion Dollar Princess Stephanie McMahon   03/07/11, 06:36 pm

Steph: You all already know who I am and I swear the first one of you that says "Alberto Del Rio" is going to find themselves in the unemployment line. I thought since the previous owner of TNA, Mr. Jarett, was able to dish on himself then so could I. I know you may be asking why me instead of dad but why don't you just shut up.

Steph: I know, I know. You're thinking how unlike the real Stephanie McMahon for being a witch.

Steph: Ah, Randy Orton. Most women would have backed down because he was 'scary'. He forgets I married his Evolution mentor. I'm not afraid of him at all.

Steph: Ah, my wedding. The worst mistake of my life. Sorry Shawn, for thinking I would be happy with your man.

Steph: The next time I try to leave the house with my hair looking like that, kill me.
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The Billion Dollar Princess Stephanie McMahon
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